Tisamala Drama Series

TISAMALA is a 13-episode radio drama produced to raise awareness, particularly on advanced breast cancer. Written and directed by multi-award-winning author Ellen Banda-Aaku, the drama is set up in a fictional breast cancer clinic called Tisamala meaning “we care.”

The drama opens when a new head consultant, Dr. Maso Moonga arrives at the clinic. He is determined to improve the image and operations at Tisamala, but his plans are not without challenges least of all from Zondani, the feisty cleaning supervisor who has worked at the clinic since it was first opened two years ago. Melody, the calm and good-intentioned counselor finds herself trying to referee relationships between her co-workers.

Through the various characters and their storylines, our anticipation is that listeners will gain more understanding of advanced breast cancer in particular and the issues faced by patients, caregivers, and medical staff in Zambia. Tisamala has been made possible through the support of the Ministry of Health, the Union for International Cancer Control, and Pfizer Oncology. Tisamala is launching on radio and the Zambian Cancer Society’s podcast in July 2020. More details to follow soon!




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