Tobacco Control Data Initiative (TCDI) Program

“I am happy  and excited to be part of the TCDI Zambia project!!

Following the successful completion of the Zambia assessment, and in further pursuit of project implementation, Development Gateway Zambia hosted a co-design workshop who’s  objectives were to confirm the themes to be included in an online tool featuring Zambia-specific information on tobacco control, and to confirm the focus of the primary data collection.

During the workshop we Validated the Zambia assessment mission findings and  discussed the priorities identified during the assessment mission and ranked the top thematic priorities to be included in the Zambia toolkit. Tobacco has a direct link to five Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) which includes  Cardiovascular diseases, Cancer, Diabetes, Chronic respiratory diseases and Mental health. Tobacco is a one of the modifiable risk factors including alcohol use, unhealthy diet, physical inactivity and air pollution.

My presentation was on Tobacco Harm and Prevalence. It is always an honour to work with great minds like Dr. Nseluka, Professor Goma, Master Chimbala, Brenda Chitindi, Mbaita Maaka.

Iam A Cancer Smart Youth”

Idah Phiri

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