To help Children living with cancer have good, early and effective treatment, The Zambian Cancer Society is running a 3 year campaign with a goal of raising K150, 000 per year for 3 years. Funds raised aim at paying for local lab tests and buy Contrast Solution for the most disadvantaged cancer patients. We launched the campaign on 4/02/2021 which was also World Cancer Day.

No child should die in the dawn of their life.

Did you know that most childhood cancers cannot be prevented or screened for? However, they are highly curable if treated early. The earlier cancer is identified, the more likely it is to respond to effective treatment with a higher probability of survival, less suffering, and often less expensive and less intensive treatment. A correct diagnosis is essential to treat children with cancer because each cancer requires a specific treatment plan.

 In Zambia cancer in children is on the rise.  Most patients present late. Detecting cancer late often means the disease has advanced and spread to other parts of the parts of the body.  Late presentations are one of the highest reasons for death. Patients present late because of a number of factors. These include: lack of diagnostic and treatment facilities close to their homes, centralized treatment facilities only available in Lusaka, socio-economic, cultural, myths and misconceptions and other reasons that all lead to patient’s inability to access services. During the campaign period, we shall also raise awareness about childhood cancer’s early signs and symptoms According to the Zambia National Cancer Registry and Globocan (2018), the country collectively reported 794 cases of childhood cancers.

The top 10 cancers in children in Zambia aged 0 to 14 years in 2018:


Non-Hodgkins lymphoma



Leukaemia (blood)



Kaposi sarcoma (can form in the skin, mucous membranes, lymph nodes, and other organs)






Hodgkin’s  Lymphoma



Brain, central nervous system






Salivary glands








The Hope Kidz Campaign is a 3 year Campaign by the Zambian Cancer Society aimed at increasing access to quality diagnostic tests for children with cancer in Zambia. A CT scan or CAT scan is one of the most versatile and useful modes that help doctors take a good look at many areas inside the body without cutting. However, for it to be truly effective an additional compound called contrast dye must be administered to the patient to allow better definition and distinguish normal tissues from abnormal ones.   The national Cancer Diseases Hospital in Lusaka is equipped with a CT scan. However, a subsequent barrier to access of quality imaging is the availability of the contrast dye which the patient would have to buy.

Each 50 ml bottle of contrast dye currently costs about K600, a cost many cannot afford. That is why we urgently need your help.

Specifically, we seek to raise K150, 000 to purchase contrast dye and also assist in the paying of local medical lab tests.

THEME: Give the Gift of Hope

This year’s theme is Give the Gift of Hope. Meaning that through your donations, there is increased hope that one day these precious children will be cancer free. No donation is too small, each and every amount counts. With every donation, you are helping to save lives.


This campaign will run from February 2021 to February 2023. During this we shall also raise awareness about childhood cancer’s early signs and symptoms.

Through this campaign we envisage directly assisting at least 200 most disadvantaged children this reducing the childhood cancer burden in Zambia and increasing health and equality.


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