Why Do I Bother?

Several years ago, whilst lamenting to my mother about the frustrating execution of a Zambian Cancer Society (ZCS) project she asked “kuvi yambilanji?” meaning “why did you start.”  I paused. My initial reaction was yes, why bother? After all… Then, I took time out and reflected. Changing it to “Why I Bother!”  

There are many reasons but one will suffice. I bother because there are thousands of cancer patients and survivors like me who need to hear real-life stories of how other people affected by cancer cope. Storytelling has the power to inspire, give hope, and compel action towards improving cancer care.   These stories can provide valuable insights into cancer control that go way beyond statistics.

 A few years later through the continued generosity of our supporters, the ZCS created free audio guides initially on breast cancer. One guide is for patients and the other for caregivers. From the onset, we were determined that the guides be made available not only in English but the 7 main local languages as well. We launched in 2018. The audio guides are currently offered in English, Bemba, Nyanja, Tonga, Lozi, Lunda, and Kaonde with Luvale coming out soon. Stream or download at www.zcs.zm

 Why do I bother?  Because others bother to care about me too!




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