I Smoked Shisha For Five Years

My Name is Fred Chiwale Kapula

How did I start smoking?

My friends assured me that it was just flavoured smoke and therefore not harmful. Since I wanted to fit in with the crowd I joined them.

How long did I smoke Shisha for? 

5 years.

What made me stop?   

It was my association with the Zambian Cancer Society that gave me insight on what shisha comprises namely harmful tobacco, fruit and sweetener. I also learnt about shisha’s potentially dangerous side effects like lung cancer. Furthermore, when I became an active volunteer with the Society I realized I had to walk the talk on living a healthy lifestyle. It was at that point that I decided to withdraw from smoking gradually and eventually I stopped.

Do you smoke?

My encouragement to you is taking a few minutes to know what exactly is in shisha and the negative consequences it may have on your overall health.

Feel like you still want to try Shisha? 

Well, I understand many of us want to try out new things because they seem cool and it looks cool.  Well just be your own cool. My version of being cool is being able to have fun while being responsible for my health too.   Replace smoking with something healthy like walking, running, reading, or learning a new skill!

Today I am a happier and healthier Cancer Smart Youth!


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